Okin Power Supply ( Transformer )
Okin Power Supply ( Transformer )

OKIN 3 Pin Lift Chair Power Supply Transformer

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Okin Lift Chair Power Supply 3 Pin Heavy Duty
Part Number: FFP6
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Input: 120V - 50-60  95VA

Output: AC 12V 1.2A  DC 33V 1.2A

Okin Power Supply for Heavy Duty lift chairs and for chairs that may contain a heat and massage hand control InSeat 11690U

Power Cord is attached.


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Okin 3 Prong Power Supply for Heat and Massage Lift Chairs Or Lift Chairs With InSeat Hand Controls that include other features such as lock and unlock. 

Used on Berkline, La - Z - Boy, Med-Lift, Best, Okin, InSeat and some other manufacturers of Lift Chair Recliners with specialty features and hand controls that include more options than simple up and down.
A current replacement for the following models will be shipped.
Okin,,, and InSeat 15541 Ultra Transformor.
The replacement we ship may be a which is heavy duty and has a round five pin connector that will fit your male 3 pin connector. (As shown in some of the photos)

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