Okin 2 button Hand Control
Okin 2 button Hand Control

Okin 2 Button Lift Chair Hand Control

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Okin Standard 2 button Lift Chair Hand Control, ELEASMB1030
Part Number: FFP3
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Okin 2 button (up/down) standard Hand Control
Works with both Deltadrive and Betadrive motors with a 5 pin connection.

3ft coiled cord. (coil not included in measurement)

Also compatible with Okin Delta Drive motors and Dewert motors.

Pride Mobility Part Number: ELEASMB1030

This hand control has a straight end connection. If you require a 90* Angle - You will need to purchase the hand control with the extension. Click Here

Used on many brands of lift chairs such as Action Lift Chairs,La-Z-Boy, Pride, Golden, Med-Lift and Berkline Lift Chairs.

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