Okin Standard Lift Chair Motor
Okin Standard Lift Chair Motor

Okin 24 Volt Deltadrive Lift Chair Motor

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Okin DeltaDrive 24 volt Lift Chair Motor
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Okin 24 low volt DeltaDrive Lift Chair motor. 
This motor is made for quiet, safe operation using a low 24 volt. 2.2A 
Smooth transition for safe positioning. 
 Standard Okin Lift Chair Motor for 2 Position and 3 Position Lift Chairs. 
Not intended for 2 motor lift chairs 
Okin Lift Chair Motor is compatible with the following:  There are many more compatible motors on the market. The most important thing is that it is for a lift chair, a deltadrive, has a two pin (flat and round pin) connection for the power supply and a 5 pin connection for the transformer.

Commonly found in Berkline lift chairs, Medlift, Pride, Golden, ALC, Action Lift Chair, Comfort Chair Company and Lazy Boy Lift Chairs.

We recommend that you first test your motor with a multimeter to be sure it is your motor you need to replace.

a) Unplug the chair from the power source.

b) At the motor, disconnect the small two prong cord coming from the transformer.

c) Set your multimeter (inexpensive, can be picked up at hardware store or Walmart) to the OHMS setting.

d) Place one lead on each pin coming from the motor.

e) If less than one (1) ohm is read on the meter, replace the motor.

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