SLJ Junction Box Replacement Kit
SLJ Junction Box Replacement Kit

SLJ Junction Box Replacement Kit

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SLJ Junction Box
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Replacement kit for discontinued 7051-3 Round End hand control
For Models; SLJ, LJ & 260126 Junction Box.

Does your 7051-3 round end hand control needs replacing? Or you have a SLJ, LJ, or 260126 Junction box? 
 This kit is the replacement for the discontinued, quite some years ago and no longer is being manufacturered, hand control and junction boxes. You receive a new "different" hand control and new "different" transformer. These two plug directly into your existing motor. Unfortunately, if you have heat and massage, these functions will no longer work with the new replacement kit. There are no replacement parts compatible with any of your older parts. You cannot mix and match the heat pads and massage motors with newer heat and massage parts. Doing so, could results in burns and fires. However, your chair will function with the lift and recline. 

This is the manufacturers replacement kit for the discontinued parts. Kit includes,  
A two button. Up/Down Hand Control that plugs directly into the motor. Design may vary from the hand control pictured.
A Transformer Kit: Power Supply Transformer with the cable to plug into the motor and a power cord to plug into the wall. 

Replaces: 7051-3 Round End Hand Control SLJ-XO-4K5 Junction Box 260126 Junction Box SLJ-2H-A04-K5 Junction Box

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