Tranquil Ease HC 2802HL-PR3 Hand Control
Tranquil Ease HC 2802HL-PR3 Hand Control

Tranquil Ease HC 2802HL-PR3 Lift Chair Hand Control Heat and Massage

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Traquil Ease Heat and Massage Hand Control, 2802, 2802hl-PR3, 2802hl-fr3, ELEASMB5578
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Tranquil Ease Model Series: 2802, 2802HL-3, 2802HL-PR3

The 2802HL-3 / 2802-HL-FR3has undergone a new look! The new style hand control performs exactly the same as the old style hand control. It has just been redesigned with a new sleek look.

You will receive the updated version.

Lift control with Up/Down buttons
Patented electronic safety lock to avoid unintended use
Lock/Unlock indicator lights
Heat Control
Variable Massage Intensity Control
Variable massage functions; wave, stead and pulse.  
20 Minute Timer
9 Pin Connection
User Friendly Operation

Pride Mobility Part Number: ELEASMB5578

(NOTE: This is not a replacement for the old version 7051-3 or 2802 with a Round Connection. That hand control and system is discontinued)

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